thilak raj yajaman

Founder, Lecturer

Mr. Thilak Raj Yajaman was born and bought up in Bangalore. He finished his schooling in St. Lourdes School and joined The PES University to pursue his higher studies. He is a B.Tech Graduate.

His Music Journey started when he was at the age of 17 by joining Sadhana Music School, Gandhi Bazaar. He strived hard to get hands on experience in music industry and from then there was no turning back. He worked really hard to get a firm foothold and mark his sign in the music industry. After a few years of learning he planned to start up his own business and of course there were a few failures in the beginning which never turned him off by reaching his goals. He started working as a music teacher in most of the reputed schools such as Sophia High School, where he believed that music can conquer anyone and started teaching music to the disabled students and gained a huge amount of respect and he has always been working with a gratitude. He has also worked in BNM State School as a Music Teacher. After many failures he got an opportunity to put up a Music School in Gandhi Bazaar as he dreamt. He started his dream business in the place where he started his music journey, what else can one ask for.

He got an opportunity to expand his interest in the music industry by joining KM College of Technology in the year 2018. He gained a lot of exposure and got an golden opportunity to mould himself as a perfect and a great “Artist”. 

Deccan International

Tutor & a music composer

Worked as a Music Tutor and trained students from 1st std – 12th std at Deccan International School. 

Provided with a opportunity of  Music Composer and worked on the School Anthem. Trained the students accordingly for recording and served his knowledge to the fullest.

idiomatic & Cordial

educating disabled students

He is one of the finest music teachers who has the ability to teach the disabled students with his patience. He has nurtured them with a lot of care and respect. 

Worked as a Music Tutor for Disabled Students at Sophia High School, Bangalore.

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